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I can do all this through Him who gives me strength - Philippians 4 : 13


What is SPIN Play?


The SPIN Play workout game encourages family fitness that is FUN. At the same time you are working out, you are using inspiring quotes or verses to push you through the workout. These verses/quotes can then be used outside the workout to push you through challenging times…

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Why does SPIN Play work?

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It’s Unique

SPIN Play combines the games that we can all relate to into a distinctive comprehensive workout.

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It’s Affordable

You don’t have to buy an expensive membership or buy expensive bulky equipment.

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It’s Convenient

You can do it in your own home or at one of Netty’s scheduled classes (click here for time, date, and locations).

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Who is Netty?

annette "netty" lazenby

Annette Lazenby – aka “Netty” is a Mom, a Wife, a Business owner, and a person passionate about helping people live a healthy life. Body and Spirit.

She has her Bachelor’s of Business in Computer Systems from the University of Toledo. While in Corporate America, she had the opportunity to take AFA (American Fitness Association) certification training so she could teach Aerobics and Step Aerobics. She taught these classes before work and on her lunch hour. She also taught classes at her church. Again, passionate to help people reach their fitness goals.

She has done personal training in her home for several years. But during this time, she realized logistics sometimes hinders people’s ability to succeed. That is when she felt the need to come up with a workout that is easy to do, can be done anywhere…

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