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A Way of Life

  It is up to us to teach our kids that fitness is a way of life.  You are the example.  I started creating SPIN Play as a workout for adults.  But when I saw how my youngest son wanted to join me when I was creating the workout, I knew I was getting a push…Continue Reading

Faith Based Fitness For the Family

Do you love how you feel physically after a good workout.  Imagine how good you would feel spiritually if your workout contained inspiring Bible versus.  That’s what SPIN Play Workout Game does for you.  It is a Faith Based Fitness Game for the family that.  When you play this game with the family, you finish…Continue Reading

Spin Play INSPIRE Now

SPIN = Spin Play INSPIRE Now, while you workout.  There are 2 ways to play this game.  You can inspire you and your family with famous quotes, or you can get inspired with great Bible verus.   For a great variety while you play and workout, switch it up!  Either way, you leave the workout…Continue Reading

Limited Time

Hurry to purchase the SPIN Play Workout Game at it’s introductory price before we celebrate our 1 year anniversary.  Our vision for the 2nd year is GR8.  So hop on the website or email me at annette@spinplayworkoutgame.com and get the game that if filled with Family, Fun, and Fitness and the inspiration to keep going.Continue Reading

Mom, I’m bored!

Are you tired yet of the kids complaining that there is nothing to do?  Order your SPIN Play Workout Game now! It’s fun for the whole family or the kids can flip the cards or spin the spinner and do themselves.  Go to www.spinplayworkoutgame.com.Continue Reading

Monday Morning – Get up and Go!

Summer schedule keeping you from getting your workouts done.  SPIN Play is the answer!  Sign up for the next class on Monday’s at 8:45 at Epworth United Methodist Church in Toledo, OH.  This will be a 4 week session starting Monday, June 29th.  The cost of the session is $20 per person or $20 per…Continue Reading