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Grandma’s in Action

I had the opportunity to promote and sell my SPIN Play Workout Games at a Promedica event this weekend.  My family fun workout has added a generation.  It’s not just Mom’s and Dad’s and kids but Grandparents are joining in.   I had several Grandma’s come up to me and buy the game saying this…Continue Reading

Priceless Family Time

You can now go to www.spinplayworkoutgame.com and order your own Workout Game to do in your basement or your living room. When my kids were little it was a struggle to keep them busy while I did my workout.  Now the SPIN Pay game keeps them busy with you WHILE you workout.  It’s FUN, it’s AFFORDABLE, it’s CONVENIENT,…Continue Reading

Kids Being Kids

Had a BLAST doing SPIN Play demos at Epworth Health Fair yesterday with my youngest son.  However, you know how kids can be a bit unpredictable?   Well…we were having fun and working out; he was doing just what he was supposed to.  Then, I turned to him for him to repeat the inspiring verse…Continue Reading

Three to Four

In order to maintain or loose weight, experts agree that you should workout 3-4 times a week.  It’s gr8 to go to workout classes but many of them are once or twice a week.  That’s why I created the at home version of the SPIN Play Workout Game.  You can do this at home.  The…Continue Reading

Workout Buddies

Many studies have show that working out with a buddy leads to more success in your workout goals.  With SPIN Play Workout Game you workout with your family SO, it has a double benefit.  You have your workout buddies as your family AND you get precious quality time with your family. The kids aren’t going…Continue Reading

A Passion for Fitness

I am SO excited to be introducing SPIN Play Workout Game.  I have always been a person passionate about fitness and helping others who have struggled with weight issues.  I am fortunate, I LOVE to workout but that is not the case for many.  I remember jogging with my sister, Carol, when we were young. …Continue Reading