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Will I get a Workout – ha ha ha

I was getting ready to start my SPIN Play Workout Game class the other day and one women chimed up “are you sure I’m going to get a workout?”.  Oh sister, yea of little faith.  I chuckled to myself and told her SHE could tell me after the class.  I began the class and the parents and kids were following my workout moves (AND the kids were running around like bandidts – because they are kids and they can – LOL).  Half way through, this woman said “I need to stop for a bit and get some water”.  Needless to say, by the end of the workout, she confirmed “this is an AWESOME workout”. Yep, it’s a workout that I put in “game” format to make if fun AND one that the kids can be included. She never asked that questions again.

Jamie and Johni and Oli

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